Seven shocking Coincidence Today that will leave you stunned

Hey readers and realers...😂😂...forgive my intro.. Most times life gives us funny coincidences and then leave us to wonder if this life is just a scripted movie.. Here are some exciting coincidence that actually HAPPENED.....

 In 1898,Morgan Robertson a novelist wrote a book titled " FUTILITY, the WRECK OF THE TITAN" which tells of a gigantic supposedly Indestructable ship which lacked adequate number of lifeboats and collided with an iceberg before sinking on its first voyage...Remarkably 14 years later the memorable TITANIC sank and the resemblance with the ship in Morgan Robertson's book was...alarming..

many of us know about Jennifer Lawrence, our 2017 hunger games superstar And many movie freaks may remember 1957 Egyptian movie star Zubaida Iharwar But the confusing thing is their close resemblance... Take a minute and digest this picture... This is shocking.. Their looks,Career parts and acting patterns are also similar

Nine(9) special things only a few people in the world have today - mutation

Most times we always want to posses powers like night crawler, spiderman and my uncle Thor, But do you know some people possess some unique body parts and abilities that will even make Mr.Clark Kent (Superman) jealous...😉😉
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so let's begin...

Some humans are blessed with incredibly Dense bones,this bones are so thick that most of them can perform incredible feats and survive accidents..this sounds great but most times these bones  put pressure on the nerves and brain and may cause hearing loss..This can also pose a difficult situation in transplant, it is caused by mutation in the gene LRP5 ( Low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 5 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the LRP5gene.) Located on chromosome 11 ... 'Wait,I have broken my head 5 times,I think I am qualified for this" ..nah....Kc stop deceiving yourself

Eight(8) Places in the world you are not allowed to Visit Today -:mystery

Most of us were born with the Dora the explorer spirit.. We want to travel, go on crazy adventures and most times when we tell our friends about this.. They are like....
But places like Greece,Bahamas, Egypt has so much history that visiting them looks like a dream come true...but....Awwn...These are 8 places you are not allowed to visit, for your own good and bad.... 1...SNAKE ISLAND Located 93 miles away from Say Paulo,Brazil. This Island is Swarming with Snakes with the Average of 1 - 5 snakes in a square meter.. Creeps!!..the Brazilian navy has shut up this place from public visit except you have a written consent from the government.... Geez!!!! I hate snakes

                                                          2. VATICAN SECRET ARCHIVES

If you are a Catholic ,this will interest you.. This secret archive is owned by the Pope and the Vatican City..It holds so.many books but the public even Catholics are not allowed to go inside... Many believes it holds secret of the Catholi…

Four(4) Common Signs You never knew their history until today

We were born in this earth to use things..We are covered with signs and symbols, almost every app,Company, group,product has a sign or a logo..but we fail tovask ourselves, how did this come about......
Let's see this top four most common signs and their origin

This is a common sign to indicate male and female but do you know these has a long cultural astronomical history. The male sign was said to represent MARS the god of WAR,Most people believe it also represents a shield and spear,which as well depicts War.

The female sign was believed to have originated from the diagrams of Mirrors and Pendants

It is also believed to have originated from the goddess of love herself VENUS,
who I believe according to folktales had various experiences of love,disagreement and hate with badass MARS.

2) Bluetooth
Bluetooth is an increasing phenomenon, butbits history dates as far back as NORSE( PEOPLE who are tattooed).The Norse believed, Odin,father of Thor gave them alphabeta…