A WATERY. SITUATION...[..based on a true life tragedy ...

A WATERY. SITUATION...[..based on a true life tragedy ...]

 it was a beautiful Saturday and the sun was shining as if it meant well for my little home somewhere in the south south area of Nigeria... As usual I did my house chores and went for rehearsals in church... By mid day, I ws home and I was chatting on Facebook... lol (teens life) ...The day was so beautiful that so many people washed their clothes... at exactly Three O' clock...the Sun ran inside its cloudy house and the sky grew dark...dark skies were usual in that region and I told my sister to get the clothes in..before long the dreaded rain started falling and we hurried to close our Windows before I went back to my browsing and mum went back to cooking..I kinda got tired of browsing and I decided to make a call but before I could get through I had an alarming scream from the corridor.. The cry was backed up by my mom's voice...I rushed out only to see that the compound was flooded and since our house was on low grounds the water was rushing in like TITANIC...


 Our neighbour advised us to close our door since the water was increasing in intensity... We rushed in and awaited NOAH'S DOOM and in three minutes the water started flowing in..my siblings rushed and held the door while my brother tried to stuff the door with some rags and waterproof materials.. while I tried to bale the one that was getting in but since water had no enemy it was quickly winning our tag team (mom and I ) ..We tried our best but the water kept flowing.. Before we knew it the water was flowing in from our backdoor it was a helpless effort but we kept struggling.. in seven minutes the children's room and the kitchen was filled with water,it was ankle deep already I quickly rushed to the children's room and tried baling, but it was of no use ,after some minutes the water found our parents room..We started pouring the water into the bathroom but before long the bathroom gave up since the water started filling it..we lost hope and sat down to wait for the rain to stop since fighting it was of no use.Mom got emotional and started crying, calling on to God to save us..I got dizzy and dosed off only to wake up and still hear the rushing water..after thirty minutes the rooms,wardrobe and all were filled.The parlour started filling up and we watched in horror as our compound became a miniature swimming pool and our house was ankle deep with water..after 120 minutes the rain stopped but it has left it's mark we waded round the house with mixed feelings since we were able to raise our box,bags,books and bed before the rain came in...it was great relief to hear the rain stop but the work that awaited us was awful...All THE SAME WE WERE STILL GRATEFUL TO GOD


 So guys why we live in our in our posh houses and duplexes REMEMBER to pray for those who are ravaged by flood...


  1. The recent flood in benue state gat me weeping.... Nd i always remember them in my prayers.


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