Nine(9) special things only a few people in the world have today - human mystery

Most times we always want to posses powers like night crawler, spiderman and my uncle Thor, But do you know some people possess some unique body parts and abilities that will even make Mr.Clark Kent (Superman) jealous...😉😉.most times caused by mutation or otherwise.
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Some humans are blessed with incredibly Dense bones,this bones are so thick that most of them can perform incredible feats and survive accidents..this sounds great but most times these bones  put pressure on the nerves and brain and may cause hearing loss..This can also pose a difficult situation in transplant, it is caused by mutation in the gene LRP5 ( Low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 5 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the LRP5gene.)
Located on chromosome 11
'Wait,I have broken my head 5 times,I think I am qualified for this"
..nah....Kc stop deceiving yourself


Before you think its Royal blood..wait......sorry to spoil your fun..this is a mutation that occurs in blood that lack antigens..A normal human has about 342 antigens and about 160 are common but these guys virtually lack any of  it,giving their blood a gold tint..this case was discovered in 1961 and since then only 40 has been recorded..People with golden blood are great donors since their blood can mix with any kind( A,B,AB O)..this has no negative effect yet.

Our forefathers were famous tree climbers and scientist believe this is what triggered the growth of palmer muscles.. To see if you have it,place your palm face up and flat on a table,then try to bring your index and thumb together without moving the hand..if you see that long muscle (check picture above) then its possible you come from a line of climbers..LOL...I have them too...


Have you heard of a CHIMERA.. That ancient animal that has a lion head,goat body,snake as a tail and an eagle somewhere.. Some humans are actually chimeras displaying various traits like multi coloured hair,eyes,skin,etc due to an extra DNA strand.Chimerism in humans is caused by a rare condition in fertilization where two sperms fertilize two eggs and then those two fertilized eggs fuse to form one embryo.most Chimera cases has caused cases in families where a woman is suspected for infidelity but the real culprit is the additional gene
Sincerely, I am beginning to think my sister is a chimera,her.multicolored natural hair amazes me

This is a mutation called DISTICHIASIS which enables the individual to grow two rows of eyelashes..cute...right.( Distichiasis refers to the condition in which there is an extra row of lashes. These lashes are present on the posterior edge of the lid margin in place of the Meibomian glands. This results from aberrant differentiation of basal epithelial cells into hair follicles instead of Meibomian glands. Distichiasis can be congenital or acquired, and can affect a single eyelid or all four lids. The abnormal lashes tend to be fine and lightly pigmented, but can be just as coarse and pigmented as normal eyelashes. Because these lashes line the posterior lid margin, they are often closely apposed to the globe and can cause chronic irritation, which can lead to corneal epithelial defects, corneal scarring, astigmatism, and even keratoconus. ) .but this may get weird as the second row.MAY grow too close to the eye causing the eyes to look weird..Double eyelashes were first seen in ELIZABETH TAYLOR..

My little bro claims to have this and I will check once am done.this is called an AURICULAR FISTULA.. a little harmless hole in the top corner of the ear,our men in white,the scientists believe it shows proof that mans once breathed using gills... Damn lie...this case is so rare that 1 out of 200 people has this

Mostly found in women,most have been reported to have extra set of.ribs called cervical ribs..this is a little bit harmful due to the pressure this extra cages apply on surrounding nerves.

8) Ability to see more than one colour
You walk to a flower and you are like wow,what a red hibiscus but someone else walks in and sees a hibiscus colour splash intact a whole colour spectrum. this is called TETRACHROMANCY ( is the condition of possessing four independent channels for conveying color information, or possessing four types of cone cells in the eye. Organisms with tetrachromacy are called tetrachromats.
In tetrachromatic organisms, the sensory color space is four-dimensional, meaning that to match the sensory effect of arbitrarily chosen spectra of light within their visible spectrum requires mixtures of at least four primary colors.)
more popular in women due to a mutation in the X chromosome, people with this mutation can see over a hundred colours when you are seeing just one..CONCETTA ANTICO,an artist had this mutation.most people with TETRACHROMANCY can see a million colours when you are seeing only one and surprisingly their best colour is white

This is what I can explain very well because I.... possess..this.. Ability...
This was also found in people like Nikola Tesla,Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, etc.People with this ability can take short hours of sleep and still feel good..(I can testify) them sleeping by 10pm is kinda early and after about 4hrs,sleep is over.this is caused by a mutation in the DEC2 gene( for its role in the circadian molecular mechanisms that influence sleep quantity as well as its role in immune function and the maturation of T helper type 2 cell lineages associated with humoral immunity.) found in them..Dec2 is located on the 12th pair of chromosomes....this guys like me are usually energetic and optimistic...👌👌

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Hurray,,I AM A MUTANT....


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