The Mystery of RMS TITANIC WRECK- The iceberg was not the only cause

Infograph on RMS titanic wreck

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We were made to believe that the RMS Titanic ship collided with an iceberg on the   Atlantic at 11:14pm and then split into two before sinking three hours later at 2:28am claiming about 1500 lives , but research has revealed that the "ICEBERG" theory is just 30% true and that is almost a lie.
The iceberg that sank RMS TITANIC

Things You never knew about RMS TITANIC

RMS Titanic is 175 ft tall, 882 ft 9inches long, 92ft 6inches wide,46,328 tons of usable weight and a gross weight of 52,310tons. It also had four smoke turrets that were 60 tons each, stood 81.5ft above the deck and were inclined at an angle of 30° degrees .

RMS Titanic actually cost 7.5 million dollars to build and checking out exchange rate,if that ship was built in 2016, it will cost 160 million dollars. Quite cheaper than the movie itself. Harland. E.wolf shipyard took 3000 men to build this ship at a wage of 2 pounds a week and it took 26 months to finish,leaving 8 workers dead and 246 injured.
The Titanic was so huge that ship crew members took weeks to remember their rooms. People had to work for miles or even ride bicycles to move along.Its rooms were designed like a famous hotel in london and first class passengers enjoyed a 13 course meal each day.
So how will you tell me this great Architecture could go down in just one collision.


journalist Senan molony carried out extensive research and discovered the ship had a 30ft black hole in the hull. Comparing old photos,it was discovered that this hole was actually caused by fire. The fire was said to have been burning at a high temperature for three weeks and metallurgy experts think that was what weakened the metal by 75% ( note was designed to withstand at least four shipwreck). To shock you, the Management of the ship knew about the fire but decided to keep mute.why??
because the fire was intentional.As at that time, Coal miners were on strike and there was shortage of coal, So.RMS TITANIC owners decided to buy all the coals they could find and even from other ships, since other ships were cancelled (hmm...I smell juju..lolz) but the coal wasn't enough and so they decided to burn their own coal right in the ship... WHAT THE HELL!!!!
during the arrival of passengers, the ship was turned in such a way that the black hole part faced the sea. Cancelling the voyage by that time meant bankruptcy and so they.decided to take drastic measures.
Now,the mystery is.. how did the iceberg exactly hit the weakened spot.


funny as it may seem,the ship didn't have eyes but what I actually meant was a binoculars. Since they was no way to detect things ahead of them. It was necessary for this ship which had a swimming pool, beauty salon,a gym,a squash court,1599 bottles of expensive wine, 20000 bottles of beer, 9000 cigarettes and technically no  binoculars. The ship crew claimed to have one binocular which was locked up in a room and the holder of the key DAVID BLAIR was replaced at the last minute and in a hurry to leave the ship,he forgot to hand the key over.This mistake was discovered three days after they have set sail. BIG MISTAKES, BIG TROUBLES.

Now the mystery is, was that a sort of karma or ill luck unnecessary forgetfulness or a conspiracy theory.


Now,don't think,the ship sailor was watching fast and furious and accidentally hit an iceberg but the idea is that, The Titanic was way behind scheduleschedule and then was sailing at a speed above its limit.Just imagine a 52,310 tons ship sailing at a speed of 48 km/hr. Now I see..using physics the momentum on collision was awful..[ pls do the calculation and drop your answers in the comment box..lolz]


The RMS Titanic was definitely suffering from deficiency in lifeboats. According to shipbuilding laws then,the Titanic was meant to have at least 60 lifeboats but the greedy owners to create more space reduced it to 48 and do you know on the day of the voyage, they were only 20 lifeboats.
- Also According to ship rules then,every ship going on a voyage was supposed to conduct lifeboats drills but do you know Captain Edward John Smith Cancelled the drills......OMG!!!
- To add Salt to injury, when the boat was sinking, the passengers were reluctant to leave the ship and that resulted in the first batch of lifeboats leaving half seriously..


when the RMS TITANIC was sinking, distress rocket signals were sent out and a ship RMS CALIFORNIA which had warned RMS TITANIC about the looming iceberg an hour ago refused to come to their aid early (that would have saved more lives) but the RMS California couldn't see the colour of the rocket due to light refraction of the cold air. And when they realized their error the  RMS Carpathia has already rescued the 705 s

The body of the Titanic now rest 12000 ft below the Atlantic.
So what do you think,was it really iceberg or fire or overspeeding or shortage of binoculars and lifeboats or was it the claim Edward john smith made to God

"The Titanic is so large that even God can't Sink it"[paraphrased]

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