How to add background to your cartoon

Whassup guys, hope you enjoyed my post on HOW TO CARTOON A PHOTO USING AN ANDROID PHONE this a sequel on how to add beautiful background to your pictures... Let's go.   ...
Step 1) - Select the picture you wish to turn into a cartoon.....
Step 2) :- As usual, reduce the opacity and highlight the second layer before you start tracing..  (NB: note use the lightest pencil to trace at first) 

Step  3 :- Once you are done, you  MAY choose to paint it but it is not really necessary to waste time painting... You know 

Step 4:- Create a new layer and on that new layer add your desired background... As you can see, my background was a former itel A12 wallpaper 

Step 5 :- highlight the layer(let the blue stuff be on it)  that has the background and reduce the opacity until you can see the former tracing 

Step  6 :- Select a thicker pen or pencil and retrace what you see..  Carefully 

After tracing properly... Increase the opacity back to 100 percent and what do you see.... 😋😋

Step finale :- Then go ahead to paint it as beautiful as possible...