Four(4) Common Signs You never knew their history until today- mystery

We were born in this earth to use things uncover mysteries,etc.We are covered with signs and symbols, almost every app,Company, group,product has a sign or a logo..but we fail tovask ourselves, how did this come about......
Let's see this top four most common signs and their origin


This is a common sign to indicate male and female but do you know these has a long cultural astronomical history. The male sign was said to represent MARS the god of WAR,Most people believe it also represents a shield and spear,which as well depicts War.

The female sign was believed to have originated from the diagrams of Mirrors and Pendants

It is also believed to have originated from the goddess of love herself VENUS,

who I believe according to folktales had various experiences of love,disagreement and hate with badass MARS.

2) Bluetooth
Bluetooth is an increasing phenomenon, butbits history dates as far back as NORSE( PEOPLE who are tattooed).The Norse believed, Odin,father of Thor gave them alphabetas/rune's ...look @ this

So taking H in Norse alphabet and B...we will have this

But why H and B....?
Bluetooth was actually the name of a Danish king{Harold Bluetooth }
 in the 19th century.. So his name lives on Even though he wasn't alive when it was invented.


This sign universally means stop..But do you know a long long long long time ago,it was used in poetry and literature to indicate a stop.. So it actually still lives up to its name.
Now that was the two bars pause sign used in poetry and music..

Anywhere you see this.. You know it means ON/OFF or POWER... but guess where this sign came from.......

It came from binary number system where 1 means ON,YES,TRUE and 0 means OFF,NO,FALSE

so that's it for today,hope you love it,drop some comments below.. They help me....

Source :YouTube Channel (Beamazed)


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