Eight(8) mystery Places in the world you are not allowed to Visit Today -:mystery

Most of us were born with the Dora the explorer spirit.. We want to travel, go on crazy adventures and most times when we tell our friends about this. They are like....
But places like Greece,Bahamas, Egypt has so much history that visiting them looks like a dream come true...but....Awwn...These are 8 mystery places you are not allowed to visit, for your own good and bad....
Located 93 miles away from Say Paulo,Brazil.
This Island is Swarming with Snakes with the Average of 1 - 5 snakes in a square meter.. Creeps!!..the Brazilian navy has shut up this place from public visit except you have a presidential permit....

                                                          2. VATICAN SECRET ARCHIVES

If you are a Catholic ,this will interest you.. This secret archive is owned by the Pope and the Vatican City..It holds so.many books but the public even Catholics are not allowed to go inside... Many believes it holds secret of the Catholic church or of extinct terrestrial life forms...but whatever it holds,Vatican city doesn't want you to know...

                                         3.KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Secret Vault
Located in a high security room in Kentucky, When old man colonel Sanders invented, this world renowned chicken..he also his the recipe... If u have tasted KFC then you will understand it tastes heavenly but it will amaze you that only a few people know the 11 spices and herbs used in preparing these delicacy and when I say few,It includes the current president of KFC.....

4) Queen Elizabeth's bedroom
I haven't been to Buckingham palace yet but one place to avoid is the Queen private sleeping quarters, don't think of saying hello..its heavily guarded by palace guards and is off limit. In 1982 one Michael F. Scaled the palace walls and got into Queen Elitz bedroom and sat beside her bed...she was damned shocked and after he left ..Many guards were sentenced to death....😭😭😭


Now these will keep you thinking, fort Knox is off limit to over 99.37%  of America because this quiet place holds the gold bullion supply of USA...😡😡..I mean real gold,it swarming with Gold , but sorry to all Despicable Me fans this place is heavily guarded with armed guards,drones,detectors,Laser beams,reinforced walls...and so if you are planning a heist....wait lemme laugh at you.  πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..The American dollar is backed with gold so that place is the heart of  the American Economy...

                                            6) MOUNT SENTINEL
If you are planning a honeymoon, pls take this island of your list because the locals here...HATEπŸ”₯ strangers, they are undeveloped, half clad and are fond of throwing stones and shooting poison arrows at strangers..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..reminds me of APOCALYPTO..the Brazilian government has banned visitors from visiting this place,but if you want to...its at your own risk....

                                   7) COCA COLA VAULT

Most Coca Cola lovers may grimace at this...No one knows the secret ingredient and recipe used in preparing Coca Cola,News reaching us is that, this Vault located in Georgia is well locked and only two or three heavily trusted, protected and played people know what is.inside.. COke are kind of Lucky because comperitors like me..would like to get the recipe... #spongebob...#plankton.

                                8) AREA 51
If you have watched this Animated movie... "ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH"
These place remains a mystery ..it is located in NEVADA DESERT,where other mystery security facilities are located and government agreed it existed...later on,they said it was used as a testing site for new aircrafts..but the funny thing is that nobody is allowed inside.. It is packed with drones and thermal body detectors that can spot you afar off.. Most bkievet it is used to Hold UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS   (UFO) and Carry out test on them and that may not be far from the truth..

So these are 8 places you are not allowed to visit, please remember,you are allowed to Visit, Comment and Share this post ,and please SIBSCRIBE to our email list..its  free and its at the top of this page..⬆⬆ ..please follow on facebook @ SHAREME EMPIREand also check more videos from our Source.. YouTube Channel ...hope you enjoyed it.....πŸ˜‰

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  1. I would avoid snake island anyway, I mean the name itself has me going 'nooope.' I wasn't scared of snakes when I was little but after a couple nightmares about them I think I'll just head in the opposite direction.

    I'm laughing about the KFC and Coca Cola ones though- because you have me picturing plankton's antics to get in and find the recipes.

    I'd love to visit Area 51- because I'm nosey and want to know what the big fuss is all about. But since you did say that it's forbidden I guess I'll never know!

    1. U really have d Dora d explorer spirit....Area 51 sounds cool but its better to keep our noses in check....

      Dis plankton and Mr Crabs maybe going on smwhere in reality........

      If only I could be d spongebob.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

  2. Ya. Have seen a list of such places and it amazes me everytime. Would love to check out the Snake island and the Vatican archives too!

  3. Oh i've seen posts like this before but none has mentioned Snake Island. Would love to check it out tbh

  4. WOW! What a nice SPIN for a post on travel!!!!!! I hope people respect the wishes of the folks at MOUNT SENTINEL. They probably want to protect their island from outside influence etc. Cool piece.

    1. I guess they have a lot of history in that place

  5. Hmmm, an interesting take on travel tips. I have read a bit about Mount Sentinel but not heard about the way they treat strangers. What a shame.

  6. Your post is a total entertainer - I enjoyed reading it. Snake Island is absolutely creepy, while KFC and Coca Cola is intriguing. Fort Knox is really interesting haha but no matter what they are all off limits - I'll try to check on google for videos I suppose.

    1. YouTube channel TALLRANIC gives more details... I am glad you enjoyed it...u can subscribe so as to get more

  7. A few of these I would love to visit, especially the KFC vault and Area 51. Snake Island definitely isn’t one I’d like to go to. The thought of all those snakes creeps me out!

    1. I hate snakes and an Island filled with them is synonymous with HELL

  8. Am never gonna visit those places.. Especially snake island. I really hate snakes.


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