Seven shocking mystery Coincidence Today that will leave you stunned

Hey readers and realers...😂😂...forgive my intro.. Most times life gives us funny coincidences and then leave us to wonder if this life is just a scripted movie and this mystery is just so AWESOME.Here are some exciting coincidence that actually HAPPENED.....

 In 1898,Morgan Robertson a novelist wrote a book titled " FUTILITY, the WRECK OF THE TITAN" which tells of a gigantic supposedly Indestructable ship which lacked adequate number of lifeboats and collided with an iceberg before sinking on its first voyage...Remarkably 14 years later the memorable TITANIC sank and the resemblance with the ship in Morgan Robertson's book was...alarming..

many of us know about Jennifer Lawrence, our 2017 hunger games superstar
And many movie freaks may remember 1957 Egyptian movie star Zubaida Iharwar
But the confusing thing is their close resemblance...
Take a minute and digest this picture... This is shocking.. Their looks,Career parts and acting patterns are also similar

The hoover dam in USA holds so.much history first..the amount of water in it has affected the earth structure that over 600 earthquakes has occurred In it..then SHOCKINGLY in its construction, Over 100 workers died in it.
The first worker to die was George Tierney in Dec,20 1977
He died during preparatory work and the last to die was PATRICK TIERNEY (his son) and also on.Dec 20

In July 1975,Erskin Lawrence ebbin,a 17 years boy in Bermuda island was driving a moped when he was knocked down  by a taxi and killed but the shocking thing is that a year ago,his brother was killed by the same taxi while driving the same moped and shockingly behind the taxi was the same taxi driver carrying the same passenger....shocking 😱

5) Lincoln and KENNEDY MYSTERY
The mystery in this men's life is so alarming... First they were both presidents of USA. 
both were killed by a gunshot To the 
head... Both were. Killed on a Friday before a celebration, 
Abraham was killed before Easter,  Kennedy was killed before Thanksgiving.... 
They were both accompanied by their wives on the day of their demise...
They had four children
They were both succeeded by their vice presidents(Johnson)

In 2000 the Simpsons

Created an episode that showed trump winning the presidential election in USA
Little did they know it will happen many years later..but the most shocking part is the resemblance of pictures to reality..they look so alike
Looks amazing right

7) and FINALLY

Look at the rememblance
Between founder of Ferrari motors who died in 1988 and Arsenal striker Mezut ozil who.was born a.month later.....😱😱😱

So that's it,hope you enjoyed it.. Pls feel free to.tell us other coincidence you may have experienced. .IN THE COMMENT BOX


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