Hi guys. its been an exciting week and today I bring you an exciting topic. Do you know some animals have superhuman powers and when I mean powers, I mean that kind of power you can find in MARVEL and DC comics.sorry guys I won't include our (Superman) Gorillas or (Flash) Cheetahs or even (Daredevil) bats but I will give you something new and light...So lemme not waste your time...lets ROLL..... I will give you their names and the Cartoon character that mimics them

 1) PIT VIPER ...( Cartoon character... PREDATOR)

 this cold reptile should probably be nicknamed Assasin because apart from its serpentine characteristics.. it has special features that allow it to see Infrared rays... WOW

 2) HAIRY FROGS. ( cartoon character..LOGAN )

Hairy frogs are a special type of frogs which are found in Africa.. They have hair on their body.but beautifully this frogs have a secret power.. in time of danger, their finger bones shoot out through the skin to form super sharp claws....

and once the battle is over and the coast is clear, the bones retract and the skin heals..

 3) Electric Eel.. ( Cartoon character.. Electro)

This cold animals has electrolytes beneath their skin and they can stun an attacker with a powerful shock of over a 100v. Please if you see this aquatic guys..stay out unless you love electrocution.

...that means it can see those little heat waves your body emit and normal eyes can't see..that means no matter how quiet or Camouflaged you are...hmm YOU ARE SIGHTED..

 4) CHAMELEON... ( Cartoon character... Morph( X-men) )

 We know this guy but we can't catch him because he has the ability to blend into any environment, pattern, anything.. so except you are eagle eyed, you can't spot them. They are the Kings of Camouflage..

 5) MIMIC OCTOPUS ...( Cartoon character.... MYSTIQUE)

 This octopus is very special because it has the power to mimicmimic over twenty Aquatic animals ranging from jelly fish,lung fish, eels, sea serpents... etc.they can also change their skin patterns and Colour..They are the masters of DISGUISE...

 6) OPOSSUM..... ( Cartoon character... LOGAN/ VANDAL SAVAGE )

 Apart from their sharp teeth, super speed and ability to play dead when caught, these animal is also immune to Venom from snakes, Scorpions, bees etc. they are great neutralizers

 7) PRAYING MANTIS and PISTOL SHRIMP...... ( cartoon character... JET LI / AVATAR AANG)

 the wise,serious looking praying mantis is actually a kungfu master when it comes to animals. There disguise pattern, stealth mode and Series of punches makes it a dangerous organism.. At one time, One mantis cracked his glass cage using a punch...WOW... Now the pistol shrimps are our air benders, it can snap its claw very fast creating a Water/air bubble that can stun predators and prey

 8) lyreBird.....( Cartoon character.. Vixen)

 this is actually my best.The lyrebird can mimic any sound it hears..it has been heard to mimic Cars,Camera shutter, Chainsaw, Car alarms...etc and other animal.. it's a pity this Darling can't talk.


 this very small organsim has a queer structure but amazing ability, do you know that they can live in space since gravity has no effect on them and also they have the ability to stay alive for 30yrs without food or water....

 10) NEWT AND SALAMANDER..... ( Cartoon character.... DEADPOOL)

 I know you have guessed it,they don't do martial art but if you cut their limbs off..give them some weeks and they will grow it back.They possess regenerative ability which makes limb cuttingcutting, a waste of time. so thats it hope you loved it...If you were to have any...which will you choose

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  1. I think you should tone down your use of ellipsis (...). It has totally replaced the full stop in your writing. Great concept but the writing is not as good.

    1. I will work on that... My bad...
      I am glad you enjoyed the post

  2. Wow this is really dope! Thank you for writing this.


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