So what's up travellers and fun lovers. Everyone wants to visit exotic places,like me,I want to visit Paris(with my fiance in... years), Mauritius, bahs,Rio de Janeiro, etc
But do you know some countries has weird rules that can actually result in huge fines or even..

So let's get started.

1)Chewing Gum

Singapore is so clean and its a great place to be but this is due to the strict rules that guide cleanliness. Fines ranging from $500 to $1000 are placed to punish smoking, eating and drinking on streets and Chewing gum is banned EXCEPT medical gums which can only be seen in hospitals. If caught you might go behind bars.So Gum lovers...😝😝

2)Improper Clothes
If you were thinking that travelling out can give you some clothing freedom, sorry if you are actually travelling to Iran,Saudi Arabia, UAE.women especially are advised to cover their legs,arms and hair.You might be punished severely or even assaulted by some Arabian men(since pre marital S*x is not allowed in Islam,they make advances towards strangers).
Men are not also permitted to dress provocatively (keep those biceps and abs to yourself)

If you are going to Greece, keep your heels at home.Greece has strict punishment to tourist who wear heels and this is because, most heels has deteriorated/spoilt their archeological structure. So be careful ladies.


After a nice pizza and chocolate sundae,you want to let lose some bowel space before sleep.😭😭.You can't if its after 10pm because in Switzerland, you can be punished for noise pollution caused by either urinating or flushing

5)Cutting down a Cactus
Once you are in Arizona, don't try to cut anything because 6-months prison trial awaits you. Cactus are the pride of Arizona and they take long to grow,so just keep out.

If you are bad mouthed and your best Exclamation includes, WTF,F**K,A**HOLE,F**L.
then you can't live in Australia because 6-months imprisonment awaits you.In south wales the rules are milder but in Queensland ,you are going to jail babyyyyy

7)Borrowing WIFI

Comment on this post, if you have ever used a friends WIFI.In Singapore, they are so many places with free WiFi but its a crime to use any and if you are caught using your neighbours WIFI without permission. You will be fined $10000.
A teen was once caught and he was jailed and given 18-months probation without internet.that is what I call hell.


In UAE, a boy and girl cannot live together except they are legally married and even before a male and female can lodge in a hotel in Dubai,You must provide a marriage certificate.
I think I love that.
A great fine is attached to defaulters.


So if you can thinking, you can openly kiss,hug or show emotions to your female friend, fiancΓ©e, wife or whatever then you are on a long thing if you find yourself in UAjE, IRAN, PAKISTAN, OMAR,INDIA, THAILAND and INDONESIA.
Because in these countries showing emotions are strictly for closed doors and doing it in public will get you fined.

10) Drinking alcohol:
So if you love alcohol, don't travel to Saudia Arabia. Strict rules cover airport pass and drinking, selling or carrying alcohol may land you in JAIL

so that's it,tell me the countries that freaked you out.

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  1. Hey men, nice topics your have here !

    Keep it your good work ! Make it worth it

  2. Heels and flushing after 10? Wow! Who'd have thought?!?! So interesting!

  3. What an entertaining post. I've travelled to a few of these places and never heard about some of these rules. I wonder how strictly they are enforced.

  4. Never knew about all these rules.... Very entertaining post... Thanks for sharing

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  6. Nice article! I had no idea bout the heel thing in Greece, i'll make sure not to wear them when I go there... Thanks for the tips man!

  7. I learned this stuff in college it's so weird how different countries can be!

  8. There is definitely some crazy laws out there, but I would never have guessed that heels are banned in Greece!? When you think about it, it definitely makes sense though Rachel x



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