We all love eating and many of us can't resist the flavor of all those yummy dishes.. So many of us go as far as mixing all those flavors together and the combination is usually disastrous( like when I mixed coke,fanta,sprite,malt and milkshake and drank it all up ) or wonderful...

So here are some common/uncommon food combination that taste nice but are harmful..let's go

Banana and milk
Now this is a common combination for people who are fitness lovers. It can be either in form of a banana milkshake or banana fruit punch. It Sure tastes nice but it disrupts sleep pattern, digestive process and since they digest at different times,they basically confuse your system. Dieticians recommend taking this differently so as to enjoy all the benefits. Banana is a nice fruit,rich in B9 and milk is a power meal too.
Dietitians also recommende eating sweet fruits separately because they spend too much time in the digestive system. So if you love your sleep and hate visiting the toilet, keep out of this.

2)Cheese Sandwich +Coffee

This is a quick breakfast and its very easy to prepare but do you know that the bread carbs prevent the calcium in the cheese from helping your system and coffee barely does nothing. It's more advisable to use green or white tea.if you really want something nutritious. To avoid wasting those calcium. Pls stay out of this


Who can resist chicken and chips..or roast meat and chip..yummy.
But do you know that starch requires alkalinic digestion while protein needs an acidic digestion. Putting this together will surely confuse your system thereby increasing digestion also has a high chance of causing heartburn, belching and Gas 

4) BEER and NUT

One weird combination for beer is to take it with Nut. I am not really sure how it taste but do you know that the salty nuts has a way of dehydrating your system and that means more beer(when trying to quench thirst) its advisable to substitute this with water or Soda since more beer can cause weight gain.

5) Pasta and mince meat
Whether it is spaghetti or macaroni, it's tastes better with mince meat but this combination is harmful.
Pythalin in saliva converts starch to simple sugar and when simple sugar covers protein they create a dangerous chemical mixture which can cause diabetes and some cardiovascular diseases. So be careful..

And finally

These vegetables are popular in salads and boy! ..they are damn delightful but sadly combining them is harmful because they disrupt the biochemical pathway of the body which can cause excessive calcination and swelling. Combining them will render their vitamins inactive and since they have different digestive time,the body system may get confused. So instead of.mixing them use them wisely..

So that's it,six food combinations you never knew about .
A balanced diet is essential but some food don't just flow well.with each other. Watch what you eat.

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