Welcome to the home of educative mystery and today we will be taking you to another mystery in psychology. Look at the picture above what did you see FIRST..
 A tree or two faces.Remember whatever you see FIRST tells a lot about you.So ready and No cheating.. Remember, It's based on what you see FIRST and no answer is WRONG.


so what did you see first.

If you saw a DUCK first.. it shows your life consists of emotional impluses and you may be prone to rapid mood swings. You tend to make decisions abruptly (without thinking twice)....
but if you saw a RABBIT first:-You are a person who loves to consider the consequences of every action. You are highly logical, a great analyzer but that does NOT mean you are cold or insensitive.


so what did you see first.

a LION:- hmm,You are the type of person that loves getting to the root of things.You prefer to tackle the CAUSE of a problem first.You are not afraid of facing troubles and You are brave.
an EXOTIC BIRD:- You are light-headed,carefree,easily influenced and in rare cases,Irresponsible. You are also highly creative with a very strong desire to change the world for Good.


what did your eyes see first...

A YOUNG WOMAN- you are an optimist, a little bit impulsive and a very happy person.
AN OLD.WOMAN- if you saw an old woman,you are technically someone with a great deal of experience, A great thinker who likes to look at problems from different angles.


so fellas...did you see,

A DUCK-: that reveals that you are humane.
A Rabbit-: that shows you are more technically minded than caring.
and that if you saw the TWO OF THEM simultaneously, then I have to confess that you are creative with a powerful imagination and an ability to read between lines.


I can't wait to hear what you saw first ..I guess you saw,

TWO CROCODILES:- that shows you love to keep things under control ,You are a born leader but not a brutal tyrant. You are an attentive manager and leader.
or maybe you saw..
A BIRD:- You probably don't like a stressful life and you are very easy to compromise. That makes you frank and Sociable.


technical right...
I guess you saw,

A SNOUT:- thats shows you looked at the picture from left to Right,You love the normal way of thinking but that doesn't mean you are ordinary. You are more logical and you love analysing things.You probably saw the second picture as you reached the right.
but saw
A LEG & TAIL :- That shows you decided to analyse the picture from Right to Left.You are a lover of originality and you prefer taking a creative approach to solving problems.


NOW guys what did you see first.....

Maybe you saw WOLVERINE:- That shows you are a MARVEL COMICS lover.You love the Agility of Wolverine, Organization of Avengers,Strength of.Hulk and even the Wealth of Tony stark and the black panther.
wait....did you see TWO BATMAN..
THATS shows you love DC..and you are a lover of Superman, flash and.probably their excellent villians.

So what's your hardest picture (tell the comments)


The Human being has a unique character and that's recorded and generated in the brain. These attitudes and behaviors can also be unconsciously revealed when making decisions, dressing and even speech.
and thats how this test works.For example:- someone on the bright side will quickly notice a bright colour or piece of material while a depressed or logical person will try to overlook it.
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So play around with this ones..
How many legs does the elephant have

Are the or white

Thanks to our sources on the bright side of life

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  1. The old and young woman pix was my hardest😪.... I didn't see any of them

  2. I agree with you home of educative Mystery in psychology is that firstly to ready and no cheating. As a human who loves to recognize the consequences of every action such as the Rabbit. Absolutely i also think that. Thanks for sharing your great Mystery.


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